Terry D. Becker, RLS President (Registered in Georgia)
Since 1993

Terry Dean Becker, RLS

Established BSC, Inc. in 1993. After serving in the United States Air Force, he entered the North Dakota State University (NDSU) School of Science at Wahpeton for Civil Engineering. Upon graduation in 1977 he was recruited by a Texas Instrument subsidiary — Geophysical Services, Inc. This was the beginning of defining Terry Becker’s leadership, experience, logic, and passion for surveying and design.

Through his career in oil and gas exploration, Terry has literally journeyed out, mapping his future of excellence through the rugged Rocky Mountain terrain and commuting in airboats through the Deep South, all the while living out his goal of providing accurate and professional surveying.

Terry has recognized great opportunities along the journey, made great friends through client relationships, experienced the fast-paced upgrades of technology in the industry and enjoyed every phase. These days, you can’t do business with just a handshake, but his commitment to you will make you feel as though you did.